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February 2017



In last month's newsletter I was crossing my fingers in hopes that the Seahawks would make it back to at least the NFC championship game. Alas, that was not to be. Fortunately (I guess) I didn't see the game as we were traveling to Hawaii at the time (more on that later).

But that certainly makes watching this weekend's Super Bowl a lot easier on my nerves. Now I can simply sit back and enjoy the commercials!

This newsletter is packed with extra pictures and stuff. Which is funny because I really didn't think I had much to write this month. But I got rambling....

Workshop season is almost here! Check some of them out below.

Palouse workshop nearly full

At this very moment of writing, I have just one spot remaining in my June Palouse workshop. The Palouse is a place where you can never run out of things to photograph. Just the views from Steptoe Butte alone can keep you busy for sunrise and sunset. Plus all the old barns, trucks, junk (yes, there is photogenic junk!), cemeteries, towns, and the occasional Palouse moose. There’s even a ginormous waterfall in the general area.

So yeah, one spot left. But if you’re a couple wanting to sign up, my policy is to stretch my maximum by one to accommodate that (in the interest of love, you understand).

Click on these words to go to my Palouse page.

Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls coming up soon

With the winter we’ve had in the Pacific Northwest I’m guessing that the waterfalls in the gorge this spring will be pretty impressive. And hopefully the wildflowers at the McCall Preserve will be too. It’s always hard outguessing and predicting mother nature. But we do our best.
No matter. The waterfalls are always great and you’ll get your fill of them. Take a look at the Columbia Gorge Waterfalls workshop page for more.


Olympic National Park in the spring

This year my Olympic National Park workshop is in mid-May. This is prime time for rain forests, the coasts, streams, and waterfalls. The forests will be lush, the sunsets on the coast are more…interesting, and we stand a better chance of seeing Elk along the Hoh River. Plus, we’ll still make it up to Hurricane Ridge for the view of the mountains, which will have more snow on them than they will in mid-July.
So if you’ve not photographed Olympic before, this will be a great introduction. And if you’ve only photographed Olympic in the summer, May will give you a new perspective and a different look.
Check out all the details on my Olympic National Park workshop page.

Crossroads Sitka

Registration is now open for this year's Crossroads workshop in Sitka, AK. David Middleton and I (along with our pal Brenda Berry) will be leading this workshop August 8-14.
In these workshops you learn to think about and shoot for our non-profit partners need rather than what you like. Sure, you'll still shoot what you like, but your photographic possibilities will open up by shooting for what is needed as well. It's an interesting shift in perspective.

For more on what this workshop is about, you can read my workshop report as well as visit the official workshop page on the Crossroads website.

This workshop is run through Santa Fe Workshops, so if you do decide to sign up, the link on the Crossroads site will take you to the Santa Fe site.


Tracy and I recently took a week-long vacation on the island of Kauai. Our first real vacation in a long, long time. Pretty much just relaxed, walked around, rode some bikes, and did a tiny bit of hiking. And I got a new hat from Bubba's Burger!

You might be surprised, or even shocked, to read that I didn't bring a camera with me other than my iPhone and my GoPro. I didn't really use the GoPro much though, mostly the iPhone.
There are certainly limitations to the iPhone (like not being able to see what the heck you're doing in bright conditions) but there are a lot of things you can do with it, including in-phone image editing. Plus it's just so freeing not having to lug around my D810 and lens(es). I had fun and of course applied all the DSLR nit-pickiness I could muster when framing shots. That doesn't stop. Though it is harder to do on the iPhone.

For the most part we just relaxed, walked, and read. And visited the local Foodland numerous times. Already looking forward to the next time we can go back. Though I don't think Bailey is. She had to be boarded and I'm sure she was freaked out at first when I dropped her off. Fortunately she was sharing a house with her cousin Opie the vizsla.
And since it's close to freezing here today and snow is in the forecast for later this week, and even though I like cold weather, my toes are missing the warm sands and water.


Take your daughter to work day.

Bailey has finally made herself at home in my office. She spends much of the day with me there either sleeping on her little bed, sleeping on the carpet, or sleeping on my lap. I can’t get much done when she’s on my lap.
She seems content and I don’t feel like I’m leaving her all alone.

Ok, Bailey needs to get back to her nap. She says "See you next month!"
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