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June 2016


Bailey really likes the “new” yard. She’s constantly poking about or standing vigil for squirrels. The other day she found something else to bark at.
The garter snakes really like the warm stones of the retaining wall and stairs. We’ve already seen a number of them sunning themselves.

Olympic National Park next monthfog on Hurricane Ridge

I still have openings in my Olympic National Park photo workshop next month. But you’ll need to act fast. The cutoff date for the hotel in Forks has passed but they may still have rooms available. And there are other hotels in Forks. Contact me if you need help.
The cutoff at our Port Angeles hotel is July 5th so not to worry about that one.
Information on the workshop can be found here.

Your own website

Regular readers know how much I love the Lightroom Web Module plugins made by The Turning Gate. My entire site, other than the Newsletter archives, has been constructed using tools from The Turning Gate. I really like the ability to control my entire photographic workflow, from ingestion to web publishing, all in Lightroom.
But I admit that as the plug-ins got better and better with more functionality and modern features, that the process of creating web sites became more complicated. The thing is, Lightroom was just never made to create websites and the Web Module was never designed to do more than output simple galleries. And Adobe was showing no signs of increasing the role of the Web Module. But Matt and Ben at The Turning Gate bent Lightroom to their will and when Lightroom couldn’t do what TTG customers were requesting, they created new, server-side functionality.
With this new functionality came more and more requirements for photographers to get their hands a little dirty with the installation, configuration, and update processes. For some it was no big deal. For others it was just over complicated.
And now there is Backlight... read the rest on my blog.

Iceland July 2017

Skógafoss waterfall.I’m in the process of setting up a photo tour to Iceland for July 2017. This trip will visit the Golden Circle, the Highlands, and the south/southeast coast. Vatnajökull Glacier National Park, including Jökulsárlón lagoon, are on the list.
I’ve not determined pricing yet, but please to let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you on my first-notifications list. This trip will be limited to only 10 participants.

Olympic in May 2017

Sol Duc forestAnd since I’m trying to set up a July trip to Iceland this means I won’t be running my regular summer trip to Olympic National Park. Instead I’m aiming for mid to late May.
May is probably one of the best times for the rain forests and sunsets on the coast. Since there’s a better chance of rain, the forests should look spectacular. And we should see plenty of spring forest flowers including trilliums and, if we’re lucky, Calypso orchids.
And while wildflowers won’t be showing atop Hurricane Ridge in May, the views will still be there. And maybe even some snow!
Let me know if you’d be interested.

Other trips

There is still room in both the Yellowknife auroras tour and the Zion National Park workshop.

ephemeral waterfall in Zion If you've not been to Zion in the fall you really owe it to yourself; it's my favorite autumn photo destination. And not just for the colors, though that's reason enough.
Outside of the park in my own back yard (Olympic), Zion is my favorite national park and It's one of the most diverse parks I've visited. Zion Canyon has steep walls that embrace you while the upper plateau area is open and invites exploration.
And photographing in the fall is a dream. Sunrises are late and sunsets are early so you don't knock yourself out from lack of sleep. The temperature is pleasant and the crowds are thinning. And the scenery is spectacular. Plus, Bryce Canyon is only a couple of hours away if you want to see something totally different.
Get more information on the Zion trip on my workshops site:
Zion photo workshop

Yellowknife in September can also be good for fall color. But let's face it, we're not going for the fall color. We're going for the auroras. Oh, and breakfast at the Dancing Moose. There are priorities! Check it out here.

Yard update

Here’s a couple shots of the finished wall. We have leftovers. We’ll put them to use some place. Now we get to plant stuff and I get to move all those landscape blocks out of the way. Yay!

Well, that yard isn’t going to get finished by itself so Bailey and I better head outdoors. Me to haul dirt and place large stones in strategic and attractive places, and Bailey to find a good place to nap out of the sun.

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