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Well, the update to Windows 10 has gone pretty smoothly; no real nasty surprises. I was reluctant to leave Windows 7 since it has served me well, but I've gotta say, I'm liking Windows 10.
This month I've got some Lightroom tips, an early testing review of the SkyFire app, a new photo guide, and a long-winded whining about our new home project.

And this picture of Bailey with a pine cone.

Lightroom Troubleshooting

Here's a great resource from Victoria Bampton (aka The Lightroom Queen): Lightroom troubleshooting tips.
By the way, if you're using Lightroom and you don't have her Missing FAQ book, you're just, well, missing out


Testing Skyfire in The Photographer's Ephemeris

I've done a little bit of testing of SkyFire, with mixed success so far. Granted my sample size is very small.
I recently attempted my Lake Crescent Fantasy Shot with the aid of SkyFire. Short version: I'll need to try again. Long version: it's on my blog.

Workshop updates

Right now, both Palouse (June 22-26) and Olympic National Park (July 12-17) workshops have only three spaces remaining.
Aurora, YellowknifeSpeaking of Olympic, originally I was co-leading this trip and the Oregon Coast trip (july 18-22) with my friend Don Mammoser. But since it wasn't looking like we'd meet our minimum for two instructors for either trip, I'll be leading these trips on my own. This means the maximum participants is now reduced to seven!  So a nice small group size.
The Columbia Gorge waterfalls trip at the end of April is also a limited space trip. Still plenty of room left and plenty of time to sign up.
You know what the most incredible thing in the world to photograph is? That's right, auroras. Just so happens that I've got a trip planned for this September in Yellowknife. That's way up there in Canada's Northwest Territories. You will be wowed and amazed. Still plenty of room too.

And then there's Zion National Park, probably my second favorite park after Olympic National Park. Zion in the fall is incredibly beautiful. Plus sunrise and sunset are at civilized times. And there are still spaces available in my Zion workshop. This workshop is Oct. 26 to 30.

Quick photo guide to the west side of Olympic National Park

I've added another quick photo guide to my blog. Check it out here. And see the entire series (such as it is at the moment) right here.

A new project!

No, not a photo project. Long time readers are well aware of my many past projects around the house. This latest project is a backyard makeover.

You know that show where the host trolls a home improvement store looking for unsuspecting victims, um homeowners, and then tries to talk them in to letting him invade their back yard and fix it all up?
I wish this was that story. No, this is a story of me doing a lot of back breaking work, ultimately triumphing in my quest to satisfy Tracy's never ending urge to create an awesome back yard. Only this time I get to triumph without as much back breaking labor, though I've already begun my share of that. No, this time we're taking the highly rational route of hiring a designer, landscapers, and dirt movers to do most of the work. Otherwise, this project would take even longer than my first bathroom remodel. And I'd really like to see this project done before my grandson graduates from high school.
So far, most of my work has involve shoring up/rebuilding an old retaining wall that keeps the neighbor's yard behind us from sloughing into our yard. (The picture to the left is from partway through that rebuilding)
Our previous neighbor built the wall probably 15 years ago out of old railroad ties, many of which have since rotted. Because of this, the wall has been creeping ever so slowly, pushing up against our fence. I didn't know how bad it was until I went over the fence to see where I might cut away from the ties. That's when my feet started going through the tops of the ties. Thus the rebuilding of the wall.

Then there are the tree roots that pushed their way under the fence posts. This all adds up to several cracked and rotting posts that need repairing. But I'm starting to get good at this. (Lesson: never build a retaining wall from old railroad ties.)

Here's a "before" picture from part of our yard. That tree and nearly that entire upper part of the yard are going away!
Well, I'm sure you're just fascinated by all of this! Bet you can't wait to hear the rest. Just stay tuned. You'll get all that and more, whether you like it or not. Come to think about it, you should probably just unsubscribe right now. It's not going to be pretty.
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