About this site

This site was created using Backlight by The Turning Gate. The image galleries are all managed from within Lightroom.

Backlight allows the photographer to create a professional looking, professionally coded website. Sites created with Backlight look great on the desktop as well on mobile devices.

Several years ago I bought my first TTG web plug-in for Lightroom and I've never regretted that decision. Back then the site was created directly from Lightroom and uploaded to the server. Now, with Backlight, the site is created on the server and the only part Lightroom plays is in managing the image galleries.

My blog is WordPress based using a theme created by TTG's CE4 Theme for WordPress plug-in, as is my Workshops site. As soon as some updates come along to the Backlight version of the WordPress theme creator, I'll be changing themes.

I also run TTG Tips and Tricks, a site devoted to using products by The Turning Gate. I'm a beta tester for TTG as well as being a support forum moderator, but I have no financial affiliation with TTG.